Monday, November 10, 2014

Election 2014: What is the TRUTH?

Another election has come and gone...with apathy
being the biggest winner, followed by the Republicans,
Fox News and all the K street lobbyists...

The "Biggest Loser" was not the former Olympic Athlete wearing
diaper shorts while running on the treadmill being yelled
at by Jillian Michaels to go vote after he finishes running
his 5 miles...but the biggest loser this political season, as

is the case in most elections...was the "truth".

The Republicans/Fox News/Lobbyists lie about everything...

---We care about women - that is why we
are insisting that doctors are registered with
hospitals before performing an abortion...

---We worry about Voter Fraud not voter suppression

---We want your healthcare to be between you and your
doctor..not you and the government..even though in
either case it is between you and the insurance company

---We have to secure the border...We want to reform
immigration as long as it doesn't lead to a short-term path for
them to vote.

---Higher Minimum Wage will cost people jobs not pay them
a living wage...Is McDonald's not going to have people
serving hamburgers???

---Global Warming -- if it exists -- can be solved by burning clean
coal...soon as we invent why get people not used to
using it...when it is just around the corner.

Tea Party?
Birther Movement??
No gun control???

We should just forget having a national agenda and let
the 10 states that have normal people in for
a normal set of values and let everyone else live in Kansas!