Thursday, February 7, 2013

White House Alert: A Memo To Kill

Every seven years the amount of information in the world is said to be doubled, and so does our stupidity of what to do with it.

Just ask Governor Bobby Jindal, who couldn't believe people thought he was calling the Republicans "The Stupid Party", when he was only inviting them to "Party like Stupid "at Mardi Gras that begins this week!

And speaking of stupid...Sarah Palin thought "Fat Tuesday", was New Orleans' version of "No Meat on Fridays", and was excited at the prospect of standing on the balcony at Bourbon Street and not having to look for Russia, but just see how many Russian Vodkas she and Todd could drink!

When Sarah found out there was a "Parade"...she was disappointed she couldn't be the Grand Marshall, because they had already chosen a naked, all androgynous looking "Drone Aircraft" to symbolize how sex in the Military now means someone is having fun, instead of being used as a weapon to hold back your career.

The Military may no longer discriminate against women or gays, but it also no longer discriminates... on who it will kill!
One of The Four Tops greatest hits: "I'll Be There", is now the strike force mantra that every Drone carries, as well as the fear and terror to all those that might stand in America's way! We already knew that if you were a soldier on the battlefield, a terrorist or an enemy combatant...our Drones will be there!

But it wasn't until this week that we had access to a new White House memo that let us know if you are an American citizen that is suspected of treasonous activities...a Drone will be there as well. 

This was a Secret Memo...unlike the Daily Top Secret Briefing that President Bush received, "Warning of an Imminent Attack by Bin-Laden." This memo must have been stuck on the employee refrigerator in the White House basement, with a souvenir CIA magnet...considering the "oh well" attitude by administration officials since its discovery by an NBC reporter.

"Death by Memo", has now replaced choking on popcorn as the leading cause of death for non-white males between the ages of 24-32, who like the name Muhammad!

Since 9/11, America has been fighting the war against terror. And after many a battle won and our dearest treasure lost...we now live in a country, where we the people can equate a government accusation with guilt, be held and never charged, tortured in the name of enhanced interrogation techniques, spied on and eavesdropped without Court approval, and now be killed at the discretion of the President and by the guidelines ina "Memo" that has less checks and balances, then when I rotate my tires. 

There is nothing wrong with killing terrorists and making America safer...After all, Sly Stallone has films older than most terrorists to prove it...but you shouldn't have to kill the Constitution to do it!

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely," may have once been said by Lance Armstrong and said all the time by Donald Trump...but it has been done all too recently by the likes of FDR when he interned innocent Japanese American in detention camps during WWII, by J. Edgar Hoover when he plotted to destroy Martin Luther King, Nixon with Watergate, Reagan - Iran Contra, and Karl Rove trying to take over the US Attorney's Office and the Department of Justice.

How much history must we have... to know that history will continue to repeat itself!

How much information must we have before we realize what stupid what stupid does!"

Is it stupid for so many Americans to be worried about the 2nd Amendment when in reality they might be living in a country where they have no "Rights at All". 

Is it stupid to believe that a free society needs to distinguish between secret government accusations and a transparent proof of guilt? 

Is it stupid to blindly assume that government accusations are true without any credible process or opportunity to contest those accusations? 

Is it simply stupid to sit there in silence and not exercise your right of "free speech" to say this will not stand! 

Mardi Gras began as a holiday to let your demons out before you sacrifice for "lent". We shouldn't be asked to sacrifice our "Freedoms" for our safety, our Constitution for our security...or a great night at Mardi the name of "Stupidity!

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