Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Medicaid: Is Rick Scott the Heart of the Problem?

When the average life expectancy was only 65 years old, Florida was known
for having the oldest city in America - St. Augustine, and the oldest New
Yorkers in Miami who can still walk and chew a corn beef sandwich on rye.

Today modern medicine has changed the expectations of the "Golden Years"
into a "Double Diamond Jubilee" and according to the latest Taco Bell commercial,
inspired Florida's Dell Web residents to be more interested in a tattoo parlor
than a beauty parlor...and running to Master P, instead of running water...
...to make it happen.

While Medicare has extended our "Midlife Crisis" to an age where we will
most likely have trouble remembering it, Medicaid, was a program designed
to help people who couldn't afford insurance...get to any midlife at all!

So, when Florida elected Governor Rick Scott in 2010, the former CEO of
Hospital Corporation of America, one might have thought there would be
no one more passionate, no person more committed, nobody more willing
to bring healthcare to those in need...while understanding the value and
financial impact that a strong and affordable healthcare program could
have on Florida's economy, than someone like Mr. Scott, who's vast wealth
and accomplishments were achieved...in that very field of expertise.

After all, one would think that Florida, home to the "Happiest Place on Earth"
...would be a much happier place if it's residents were alive a little longer!
Alive and well enough to spend their money on homes, cars and restaurants,
instead of the two illegal immigrants that will be hired by Forest Lawn to
tend for their "perpetual care".

One might think the State that invented "Medical Tourism" with nothing more
than sunshine and oranges, would be the leading edge purveyor of a "Medical
Care Utopia", promising to help their population turn over for a better tan, as
long as possible, and no longer be known as the State where people turn over in
their grave!

But it seems that Gov. Rick Scott is more interested in building a history as a
true conservative than a legacy of building a true bridge between private health
care and public responsibility!

While many Republican Governors have now accepted Obamacare and the expansion
of Medicaid, like a Deer accepts hunting season...Mr. Scott continues to script ideology
as a painful prescription for a State that has more than 4 million residents without
health care.

As CEO of Hospital Corporation of America, Mr. Scott would never have rejected a
business proposal where a business partner, in this case the government, offers to
pay 100% of the cost of a expanding a program of offering free medical care to its
patients for the first 3 years, and than 9 out of every 10 dollars of the cost of the
program in all the ensuing years thereafter

Yet, as CEO of the State of Florida...he did just that!

As CEO of Hospital Corporation of America, Mr. Scott would never have rejected 96.5
million dollars in free government grants that ranged from, home visits for new mothers,
teen pregnancy and STD prevention, Hospice care for Children and cancer prevention for
their patients?

Yet, as CEO of the State of Florida...he did just that!

And when he was CEO of Hospital Corporation of America and as CEO of the State of
Florida, Mr. Scott has repeatedly said, "we need to shrink the cost of health care and
expand opportunities for people to get a job so more people can afford it."

So his version of a private and public partnership, is to reduce the cost of health care by
simply making it as unavailable as possible to the people who can't afford it. ...a win, win
for everyone!

Government spends less money, Private Hospitals spend less on patients, and patients
spend less time expecting anything from its government!

Unlike the failure of universal health care...this philosophy can universally reach all levels
of state government!

According to the March/April issue of Mother Jones, Mr. Scott has cut 3 billion dollars from
education, 615 million dollars for homeless veterans, meals for seniors, whooping cough
vaccines for low income mothers, and an independent living center for the developmentally

Rumor has it, he also proposed cutting millions of dollars from the State Organ Donor
Program because he said having a heart... isn't really necessary.

The goal seem to be to have a government for the people, by the people and without the
people...I just hope the State of Florida can soon have a government without Rick Scott!

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