Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg and the Pepsi Generation

If you are in NYC and watching the Super Bowl this weekend, this might
be the last time you can order a refill and get a Coke and a smile!

Because in less than 3 months a new ban on sugary soft drinks that are
larger then 16 oz.'s will go into effect, which will limit you to one Coke or
a $200 fine.

It appears that Mayor Bloomberg thinks the Pepsi Generation's explosion
of Type II Diabetes, is now his obligation and even if "I'm a Pepper and
you feel like a Pepper" probably look way too much like a potato.

I appreciate the Mayor is concerned about my widening waistline, but I much
prefer he focus on widening the lanes on the Long Island Expressway!

People voted for Mr. Bloomberg to worry about alternate side of the street
parking, if they wanted to choose an alternative lifestyle they would have
purchased a weight loss program from Richard Simmons.

I personally want a Mayor to know how to clean my streets...not my colon!
Obesity is a serious problem with serious consequences, but our culture of
over indulgence is not limited to overeating...but a competitive lifestyle
where "Bigger is always Better".

Who has the biggest building, cruise ships are bigger than certain zip codes,
and planes are so big it takes you longer to find your seat than to get to your
destination! Is it really a surprise that our ass in the seats are so much bigger

Soon our luggage will go back to flying for free and they will charge our ticket
on how much we weigh per pound!

But this challenge cannot be overcome by changing a law...but by changing a

Modern Science may reduce our cravings or the calories we consume, but we
should not try to reduce someone's waistline... by reducing their "Rights".
They tried that once was called Prohibition...and it didn't stop
drinking but started another cultural phenomenon... called the Mafia.

Just as we fight so hard everyday for a woman to have the right to choose
to actually be pregnant or not...if someone wants to eat enough to look pregnant
all of the time...than God bless Krispy Kreme and 32 oz. sodas to help them do so!
Laws are meant to stop us from hurting other people...they are much less influential
in stopping us from hurting ourselves.

And even though a six pack of abs is preferable to a six pack of Coke...we need to
have the "Right" to choose which one we prefer!

One can argue that seat belt laws and motorcycle helmets are examples where a
law has saved lives, when a culture had failed to do so...but we did not pass a law
that required someone to wear a seat belt only in certain cars or helmets on only
certain motorcycles to protect against only a certain type of accident!

Calories is the enemy here...and sugar in sodas is only one of the culprits. Unless
we are willing to ban sugar altogether...than this selective and arbitrary choice
to choose this one product and this one ingredient...becomes more harmful as a
a restriction of "Our Rights" than a benefit to our health!

Will carbohydrates be appearing soon before Judge Judy? Should we be legislating
how many pieces of bacon will be allowed on a Bacon Cheeseburger? Are we over-
reaching here even if we can't put our arms around our waist?

To truly tackle obesity, wouldn't our children be better served by offering them
more physical education classes instead of french fries and milkshakes in the
school cafeteria?

Sometimes the natural law of education, warning labels and the consequences of our
actions are our best guides...and if that doesn't work...I wouldn't bet against Mayor
Bloomberg's passion and philanthropic make sure it does!

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