Thursday, February 14, 2013

Marco Rubio - I should have had a V8; Obama - passion, principle & purpose

Experts agree that in spite of hundreds of millions of dollars spent on political ads,
candidates' positions on controversial issues, or whether you identify
yourself as a Republican or a Democrat...people vote for the person they
would most likely want to have dinner or a beer with.

After watching the President last night, let me just say...I'll have whatever
he's having, because Marco Rubio had either one too many jalapenos or he
was experiencing global warming right there on live TV. That was more
uncomfortable than watching the geeky kid kiss the Supermodel in the Super Bowl commercial.

And having dinner with Rand Paul, would probably be as much fun as sitting
in for Judas at "The Last Supper."

The President said last night, "we deserve a vote", when in fact we actually
have deserved much more than that. Four years and two elections later, a
Progressive, Liberal, unapologetic Democrat, showed up at The State of the
Union and articulated with passion, principle and purpose, what it means to
be a Democrat.

No longer were we dining on old fashioned meat and potato Republican policies
flavored with Democratic ideas because it was the cheapest item on the menu
or the easiest to digest.

Once again we were feasting on Big Ideas and even Bigger possibilities...not
simply choking on the debate of big government with small politicians.

Speaking of small politicians, I would have thought "Republican" Supreme Court,
Justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito would have been big enough to at least give up
their bowling night!

Just as Republicans had so successfully moved the "middle" to the "right of
center", the President moved the conversation back, not to whether his vision
for America is a bold and grand idea...but how can we afford to pay for it!

And an argument about smart government and cost is a lot more winnable
than an argument about direction.

Republicans found themselves agreeing so much with the President last night
that Ted Nugent and Wayne LaPierre will now be the new Viking Warriors in
the next Alec Baldwin Capital One Credit Card commercial.

Which is why the President must now capitalize on this moment by answering his
own call for leadership and not depend on citizenship to lead the charge.

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