Friday, February 8, 2013

America's Best 10 Years - Best Yet to Come?

Since the best moments in life don't last forever, that is why God must
have invented the hangover, is important to know what trend-line
you are on.

Is your destiny still on the horizon or are you destined to remind people you
once got a hole-in-one at miniature golf, or you almost got into an elevator
with Julia Roberts.

Celebrities, Actors, Popstars and Athletes, may have careers that last a
lifetime, but they are only trendsetters and performers at their highest
creative and financial level... for usually, a good ten year period.
In about a decade, the Beatles wanted to "Hold Your Hand" on a "Long
and Winding Road", ending it all so "Suddenly",  before they told us just
to "Let it Be".

Even though Al Pacino won an Academy Award for "Scent of a Woman"...
one could argue that he was only a trendsetter between the ten year period
of time between yelling "Attica, Attica" in "Dog Day Afternoon", and shouting
"say hello to my little friend", in Scarface.

And someone please tell Baseball star Alex Rodriguez, that his best ten years
are long gone and no one wants to see him hang on to his career like an EPO
intravenous tube hanging down from Lance Armstrong's bicycle shorts.

But celebrities are not the only icons that are limited to finite periods of
trendsetting success.

The hottest nightclub is always on the way out, just by the time you can get
yourself in!

"Page Six Restaurants" only stay on trend by not worrying about what is on
the menu, but for how long the paparazzi photographs who is in the seats.
Dell, Gateway and Hewlett Packard did not foresee the trend that it would not be
PC to own a PC, and that the term "Smartphone" was referring to those who chose
to manufacture them.

Who would have thought that the click of "you have a friend" on FaceBook, would
replace the sound of "you have mail" on AOL, faster than Instagram and Pintrest
have replaced Polaroid and Kodak.

Countries are no different and have their best years in front of them or behind
them as well. Western Europe is still trying to become a trendsetter again by
transitioning from Colonialism to Commercialism as their final frontier.

Don't know if France is in a Renaissance now, that a French Napoleon is known more
for striking fear in your waistline than on the battlefield?

Will Spain's historically high unemployment rate prove to be far more dangerous
than the Inquisition ever was, and will the fact that Rome's Gladiators are now Armani,
Versace, and Ferrari, help restore the Empire?

The United States is the world's only global super power, but why does our trend-line
feel like we are always one problem away from needing to have the paddles from the
defibrillator warmed up and ready to go.

Is it because eight years ago we nearly self-imploded the economy like a failed North
Korean missile launch? Or the fact that we have been at war for more than ten years
with two countries the size of New Jersey. And our middle class feels more abused
then Lindsey Lohan's probation officer.

If our country is destined to have our best years yet to come, then our politicians
cannot approach our political problems like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube, while
suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

Campaigning with easy solutions and governing with gridlock so tight that the Statue
of Liberty is now being fitted for a pair of "Skinny Jeans" only part of the problem!

Losing our uniquely American Values seems a far more bigger problem to overcome!
We used to talk of citizenship as a shared we fight about how to
share the burden of taxes and the benefits of Social Security and Medicare.

The second amendment once armed us with protection from a Tyrant and Tyranny...
now we use it to arm ourselves against each other...instead of protect each other!

We once fought for high ideals with painful sacrifice for the right of self-determination,
today we fight against Voter ID laws designed to suppress the vote.

We came here for the right to be free from religious persecution but because of
religious principles...we are still fighting for a woman's right to choose.

We are a Nation founded by immigrants but now we want to deny the next generation
a green card and turn them into second class citizens.

We have always been a nation of Patriots and and now we hide our values behind the
Patriot Act.

And now...we are a nation that can legally kill its own citizens without a judge, without
a jury...but with a memo from the White House!

If our best moments as a nation.., our best ten years, our best 100 years, are just around the corner...then we need to remind our Leadership that America is not the place that derives it's destiny from a good tax policy or a stock market that soars past 14,000 points.....
...but our strength has always come from the heart!

That is what the world used to see when they looked across the oceans...and that is what
we all need to see now!

What has been America's best ten year period or is the best ten year period...still yet to

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