Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rosa Parks - Meet Chief Justice John Roberts

When the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court asked
yesterday during oral arguments, regarding the 1965 Voting Rights Act,
whether or not Southern states are more racist than their Northern
counterparts...I didn't know whether to be more offended by the
question, or by the fact, that no one seems offended by the question.

The question wasn't whether this law will continue to stop racist
voting practices in the South, but whether "Southern Racism" is
really any worse ...than anybody else's racism.

While acknowledging that the New South, has made tremendous
changes, there are still many areas that won't have a Civil War
Reenactment...because it still hurts too much.

Does the Chief Justice believe that since Danica Patrick won the
Pole position at Nascar's Daytona 500...we know longer need the
Lilly Ledbetter Act?

The Voting Rights Act may be almost 50 years old, but isn't almost
yesterday that the Southern courts are still hearing cases about the
right to fly the confederate flag, Texans signing petitions to leave
the Union, and having to order the removal of the "Ten Commandments"
from Alabama Government Office Buildings.

It may be the New South, but it seems to me it still has some of the
same old problems!

Is this really the time to remove barriers to racism in the South or
the North, or should we be having a conversation on the need to
strengthen them?

The original Civil Rights Act was first proposed as an amendment to
the Constitution in 1865. Rosa Parks was still fighting for a seat on
the bus 87 years later, and after another 50 years, Lyndon Johnson
needed to pass another Civil Rights Act...just to give people a path to
the voting booth!

And wasn't it not that long ago that Justice Clarence Thomas accused
the media of giving him a "High tech lynching"...during his confirmation

If racism hasn't healed in his the nation so far ahead of him,
that we can pat ourselves on the back as to rid ourselves of a law that
has been our single most successful form of attack?

Today, targeted Voter ID Laws and Gerrymandering have replaced literacy 
tests and poll taxes to express bigotry and a quest for power. 

Racism has expanded beyond the color of our skin to the color of the 
State we live in. Gerrymandering of Congressional Districts has resulted 
in 1.5 million more Democratic votes in the House...but a majority of 
Republicans holding seats...and with 92% of African Americans voting for 
the Democratic Party...a people's struggle for a vote that is representative 
of who they are and what they believe in... is now being threatened, not 
only by elected officials, but by the very Courts that has served to protect 

As of today...Ms. Parks didn't just win a seat on the bus or the right to 
vote...but a statue in Washington DC, bearing her likeness, symbolizing 
her courage and inspiring all of us to stand up and be counted...when we 
need to be counted on the most! 

And when Chief Justice John Roberts asks the wrong question...we need 
to stand up to power, sit in the front row and if necessary give him a bus 
token that will drive him to the right answer!

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars - One Last Vote Please!

The age-old question in Hollywood is not, does Jane Fonda
look that good, but were this year's Hollywood films simply a reflection
of real life... or will they become the driver of real life behavior.

Film has the unique ability to be a reflection of Society, while also
becoming the impetus for a Society to change.

No one questions that Marlon Brando and James Dean turned
a t-shirt into a fashion statement, or that John Travolta inspired
a generation to dance, but will this year's Oscar nominated films
go beyond being more than just a collection of cultural trendsetters.

Will "Silver Linings Playbook", help humanize the mentally ill, at
a much needed time, when the gun control debate has only served
to demonize them!

Will President Obama look at "Life of Pi" and feel like he is trapped
in a boat with the "Tea Party", and now look for an alternative
approach, because he realizes there will never be enough red meat
to make that journey work!

And will the Supreme Court, announcing they will be re-visiting the
1964 Civil Rights Voting Act, the Congress re-authorizing the Patriot
Act, and the Nation remembering the same case for war being made
against Iran as we did against Iraq,...allow these timely based historical
films, Lincoln, Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, to not only give us a much
valued insight on what has already come and done, but more importantly,
will they speak to how our decisions... can lead to who we will become!

Did "Beasts of the Southern Wild" already inspire Lindsey Graham to act
like, "I am the man"... in holding up the confirmation hearings for CIA
Director nominee John Brennan?

And even though John McCain maybe the only person who smiles less than
Tommy Lee Jones, did "Lincoln" let him look at Chuck Hagel one more time
and finally go: There is room for one more in the Cabinet "Team of Rivals".

Hollywood likes to relish in the value artists bring to films that create an
emotional connection with an audience, which can be more influential than
a missing parent, an indifferent school teacher, or a callous society...but
is it the violence in "Dijango Unchained" that can reach a teenager in a
tough neighborhood in Chicago, who looks out across his neighborhood and
asks how can he be free from the circle of poverty and violence in his own

"Les Miserables", "Amour", and "Beasts of the Southern Wild" are all films that
reflect our ongoing battle between searching for the truth and handling the
the truth once we find it...which might change the way we take responsibility
for our family, our planet and ultimately our own demise.

"Argo" might become a part of your life because it resonated with an important
issue at a sensitive time..."Lincoln" maybe everlasting for you because it shows
moments of greatness buried inside a man with all of our flaws.

One thing for the 9 films that were nominated this year...there is no
shortage of either inspiration, happy endings, or a poignant reality, to help us look
at ourselves in a crystal clear reflection shining back to us from the Silver Screen.

But is there an all-time Oscar winner in this group for you? And if not, what is your
all-time Oscar winner --not for having the best actor or the finest director...but
what film has been most impactful in your life, or do you think can be the most
impactful to someone else?  Which film was either a reflection of your life, or became
a key driver that changed your life.

...and the Oscar goes to....

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Unwanted Advice to People in the News This Week

If you are going to be the lead investigator in the Oscar Pistorius
murder...don't commit a murder yourself. It doesn't help to tell the
the Grand Jury..."that's how I would have done it"...because maybe
you once did.

If you are going to continue to place electric batteries on the new
Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane that keeps catching fire...don't tell
us that putting a "fireproof box" around them is the solution...
Samuel L. Jackson had a better chance of protecting me in...
"Snakes on a Plane".

Stop titling a self-imposed "Political Financial Crisis" like a
romance novel. The Fiscal Cliff and the Sequester sound more
like a Jackie Collins novel with Fabio on the cover...I know
Fabio and John Boehner, you are no Fabio!

If you are going to take Performance Enhancing Drugs...take
something for the brain...this way you can come up with a much
better excuse when you are finally caught taking them! I'm sorry,
but you have to do better than, "I always take my Vitamin B shots
with a hypodermic in my ass." Trust me, if you take a pill, lose your
hair, and your balls become raisins...we will not believe it is acid

You cannot be against a "Minimum Wage" increase when you don't
vote against giving yourself a raise in Congress, rush to pay yourself
a dividend before the end of the year to avoid a 5% increase in your
capital gains tax, or be one of those companies sitting on unspent
record corporate profits of more than 1 trillion dollars. The dollar
menu was supposed to be a customer offering, not what is left over
after someone gets their paycheck!

Food needs to be labeled by what animal I am actually consuming.
A two year investigation has revealed that 87% of the Red Snapper
and 59% of the White Tuna sold in restaurants and grocery stores has
been fraudulently mislabeled...It's one thing to hide how much caffeine
is actually in my Vodka and Redbull healthy energy drink...but now
they have found horse meat injected with powerful painkillers and
anti-inflammatory drugs in some of the most popular frozen beef
hamburgers and steaks...and if it wasn't for Lance Armstrong grazing
on hay after his last triathlon...we might never have been made
aware of how dangerous and fraudulent this situation really is.

If you are going to label the gun control fight as "Common Sense
Gun Laws"...then VP Joe Biden cannot be your spokesman. Telling
people to go buy a shotgun and shoot...will not be considered a
misinterpretation for turning the porch light on and dialing 911.
George Zimmerman's attorney is looking for Joe's number!

If you are a must admit how much you enjoy
sex!  Or at least admit, "you are the father", with some family
values, and not a creepy Uncle that shows up staring from a distance
at the school playground when your stance against abortion may
have come back to haunt you. Kennedy may have set the bar for
the Dems with Marilyn, and Clinton wishes he hadn't lowered it with
Monica --but who would have thought that Conservatives Pete
Domenici, Strom Thurmond, Newt Gingrich and Mark Sanford were
the inspiration for the movie "Hangover". Somebody needs to tell
these guys that the "Don't ask Don't Tell" policy wasn't for them. I am
beginning to think the only only reason they pushed so hard for Photo
ID laws, was to make sure they weren't sleeping with anyone underage!

And finally, we have to stop using mental illness as an excuse for our
own ill behavior.

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. pled guilty this week
to stealing over $750,000 dollars from campaign contributors over the
past six years...and of course... took responsibility, but inferred that
much of the blame at his sentencing hearing will be directed to being
Bi-polar, instead of greed, arrogance or lack of moral character.

I don't know Mr. Jackson, and I hope he gets all the help and treatment that
he needs. But whatever happened to sane people that just did insane
things, got caught and went to jail? Now, no one can violate the ten
commandments, never mind the law, without being under the influence,
over medicated, or in between therapy sessions.

Joseph Smith heard voices and founded Mormonism. Today, he would be put on 
Prozac and an episode of Dr. Phil. All too often, children fail at school , are put
on ADHD medication, while their parents are waiting for the prescription
of Oxycontin to be filled. The only people who want drugs and can't get
them are all the potheads waiting for it to become legalized!

Mental Illness is a serious issue, but how can we treat it seriously, how can
we help those that are in real need, if we don't take responsibility for
our own behavior every time we get in trouble or fail to live up to our
own me crazy, maybe?...I rather you call me
accountable for my own actions!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why I Blame George Bush for the Sequester

Movie stars are forever immortalized on the Silver Screen, musicians
through their recordings and athletes in the record books...but it is a
President, that wants to leave behind a legacy.

Considering that Lincoln's legacy will always be his courage in "freeing
the slaves", Roosevelt's on how he transformed a nation with "The New
Deal", and Kennedy's for being a restrained and precise decision maker
during the height of the "Cuban Missile Crisis" can certainly
understand why President Obama does not want a failed "sequester"
to be any part of his own story.

As President George W. Bush opens his Presidential Library, his legacy
is also beginning to emerge, as either the President who grabbed the
the bullhorn atop the rubble of a devastated nation, or the man who
grabbed our attention with enough bullsh#t, to take us to war with Iraq
under the most grievous of false pretenses.

Historians like to say that we are entitled to our own opinions but not
our own facts...but according to the new book and documentary "Hubris"
by Michael Isakoff and David appears that the Bush Administration
also felt entitled to carry out their policies in spite of the facts and by
manipulating everyone else's opinion.

Time after time, "Hubris" portrays a pattern of reported information being
analyzed and discredited by the appropriate government agency, and then
the information being presented on national television by Administration
officials... as an indisputable reason for going to war.

All culminating in a speech by Colin Powell to the United Nations and the
world, that contained knowingly false information on the fact that Iraq had
obtained aluminum tubes and uranium to develop nuclear weapons, and had
the ability to launch them through a sophisticated mobile delivery system.

When in fact, Angry Birds was more of a threat to the crops in Farmville,
than Saddam Hussein was to the United States of America.

It just might be his legacy that all of his accusations were correct, he just
had the wrong it is Iran that has proven to have pursued a
nuclear program and to have been a state sponsor of terrorism throughout
the world.

But this legacy of "false pretense" did not begin on September 11th...but
arguably was forged on the very day Mr. Bush was selected by the Supreme
Court instead of elected to be the 43rd President of the United States.

If your Presidency begins under a "cloud" or "false pretense", than maybe
that is a prognosticator of what your legacy is destined to become.

So, a President who wanted his legacy to be, "he kept America safe"...
will instead be defined by the fact he ignored a memo, warning of the
9/11attack, and as Commander in Chief suffered the most casualties
on American soil since Pearl Harbor.

A President who wanted his legacy to be that he protected American
freedoms, will be faced with the reality that he actually lessened them
through the Patriot Act and with the authorization of enhanced interrogation
techniques and torture.

A President who wanted his legacy to be "Mission Accomplished", was instead
forced to wait for the next President to bring the troops home and kill Osama

But his legacy would not be limited in scope to a wartime President overreaching
in defense of a nation.

This is the very same President whose legacy will be telling "Brownie" what a
good job he was doing during Hurricane Katrina, while overseeing the worst
government response to a natural disaster since "chads" started flooding out
from among Florida voting booths.

A President who will forever be known for losing 2.5 million jobs in his last 3
months in office, tax cuts and a prescription drug program that helped forfeit
a 5 trillion dollar budget surplus, and a "No Child Left Behind" educational program
that was only further behind an economy that wasn't just driven into a ditch, but
was on a "Journey to the Center of the Earth".

But what has proven so far to be his most lasting impression...his most enduring
flame that burns to this that he was the original "Divider and not a Uniter".

Extreme partisan politics, red state - blue state - Fox News and and a right wing
radio, that came alive when Karl Rove started to wear his Monica Lewinsky blue dress
at every Washington DC halloween party,...became part of main stream culture under
the Bush Administration. So mainstream, that Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh are now
being accused by the "Tea Party" of not being conservative enough.

Today, in less than a period of 18 months, the sequester of across the board tax
cuts which was designed as a "Political Armageddon" that would force both sides to
the negotiating table rather than face the consequences of not reaching an agreement, no longer an impossible alternative, but just another part of the legacy of a past
Presidency that believed in a United Political Party at the expense of a Divided Nation.

That is why it is important to remember that a "legacy" is not just a rearview look at
history... but a constant building block that lays a foundation for the future.

And that even though a President may be spoken about in terms of a "Legacy", we
are the ones, who ultimately will own it and have to live with its consequences.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Medicaid: Is Rick Scott the Heart of the Problem?

When the average life expectancy was only 65 years old, Florida was known
for having the oldest city in America - St. Augustine, and the oldest New
Yorkers in Miami who can still walk and chew a corn beef sandwich on rye.

Today modern medicine has changed the expectations of the "Golden Years"
into a "Double Diamond Jubilee" and according to the latest Taco Bell commercial,
inspired Florida's Dell Web residents to be more interested in a tattoo parlor
than a beauty parlor...and running to Master P, instead of running water... make it happen.

While Medicare has extended our "Midlife Crisis" to an age where we will
most likely have trouble remembering it, Medicaid, was a program designed
to help people who couldn't afford insurance...get to any midlife at all!

So, when Florida elected Governor Rick Scott in 2010, the former CEO of
Hospital Corporation of America, one might have thought there would be
no one more passionate, no person more committed, nobody more willing
to bring healthcare to those in need...while understanding the value and
financial impact that a strong and affordable healthcare program could
have on Florida's economy, than someone like Mr. Scott, who's vast wealth
and accomplishments were that very field of expertise.

After all, one would think that Florida, home to the "Happiest Place on Earth"
...would be a much happier place if it's residents were alive a little longer!
Alive and well enough to spend their money on homes, cars and restaurants,
instead of the two illegal immigrants that will be hired by Forest Lawn to
tend for their "perpetual care".

One might think the State that invented "Medical Tourism" with nothing more
than sunshine and oranges, would be the leading edge purveyor of a "Medical
Care Utopia", promising to help their population turn over for a better tan, as
long as possible, and no longer be known as the State where people turn over in
their grave!

But it seems that Gov. Rick Scott is more interested in building a history as a
true conservative than a legacy of building a true bridge between private health
care and public responsibility!

While many Republican Governors have now accepted Obamacare and the expansion
of Medicaid, like a Deer accepts hunting season...Mr. Scott continues to script ideology
as a painful prescription for a State that has more than 4 million residents without
health care.

As CEO of Hospital Corporation of America, Mr. Scott would never have rejected a
business proposal where a business partner, in this case the government, offers to
pay 100% of the cost of a expanding a program of offering free medical care to its
patients for the first 3 years, and than 9 out of every 10 dollars of the cost of the
program in all the ensuing years thereafter

Yet, as CEO of the State of Florida...he did just that!

As CEO of Hospital Corporation of America, Mr. Scott would never have rejected 96.5
million dollars in free government grants that ranged from, home visits for new mothers,
teen pregnancy and STD prevention, Hospice care for Children and cancer prevention for
their patients?

Yet, as CEO of the State of Florida...he did just that!

And when he was CEO of Hospital Corporation of America and as CEO of the State of
Florida, Mr. Scott has repeatedly said, "we need to shrink the cost of health care and
expand opportunities for people to get a job so more people can afford it."

So his version of a private and public partnership, is to reduce the cost of health care by
simply making it as unavailable as possible to the people who can't afford it. ...a win, win
for everyone!

Government spends less money, Private Hospitals spend less on patients, and patients
spend less time expecting anything from its government!

Unlike the failure of universal health care...this philosophy can universally reach all levels
of state government!

According to the March/April issue of Mother Jones, Mr. Scott has cut 3 billion dollars from
education, 615 million dollars for homeless veterans, meals for seniors, whooping cough
vaccines for low income mothers, and an independent living center for the developmentally

Rumor has it, he also proposed cutting millions of dollars from the State Organ Donor
Program because he said having a heart... isn't really necessary.

The goal seem to be to have a government for the people, by the people and without the
people...I just hope the State of Florida can soon have a government without Rick Scott!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

If the Republicans are Married to the Filibuster - Can We See the Pre-nup?

Famed motivational speaker Tony Robbins professes, "that for things
to change, you have to change"...well that helps explain what happened
during adolescence...but more importantly what didn't happen with
Republicans in Congress.

Ever since the election, we have been hearing that Republicans will
change and be putting forward a kinder and gentler face...but the
face that we have seen so far, is in dire need of a little "Pro-Active

Change didn't work so well for the new voice of the GOP's Marco Rubio,
as he demonstrated his own version of unintended water-torture, while
trying to resuscitate the message of compassionate conservatism.

And we saw the old faces of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and John
Boehner, struggle with change, as we watched them attack Hillary
Clinton, Chuck Hagel and John Brennan with such force, that each
one of them will now have their own Drone named in their honor.

Even older lines of Republican dogma have made their way back and of
course failed to change the conversation, such as, "you have a better
chance of raising the Titanic than raising taxes, immigration sounds
more like a debate about spending cuts verse revenue with Republicans
being more concerned about what you can get rid of than what you can
bring in, and as far as climate change, no problem, it will just make it
easier to drill for oil... once all the ice melts.

A new Republican Party? There are some things that are best destined to
be frozen in time. We will forever remember the iconic beauty of Marilyn
Monroe and James Dean, the timeless image of the Empire State Building,
and Chris Christie and Rush Limbaugh Sumo Wrestling for the last good
idea inside the fortune cookie at their favorite Chinese Restaurant.

The Republicans are not going to change, even when hell freezes over,
because they are already living there!...and they kind of like it!

President Obama has more than changed...he is unchained, wanting to
create a legacy that is not limited by the small mindedness of his opponents,
but measured by the vast accomplishments he is able to achieve!

But the President will need to change more than his approach, but the
strategy of his Party in order to have any chance of having a Presidency
worthy of his opportunities.

First, the President will need to have Harry Reid trigger the nuclear option
on the Senate Filibuster that will be send a shockwave so powerful that it
will pause Dick Cheney's new heart.

The President reminded us in his Inauguration of, "the urgency of now"
and spoke of the fact that we, "deserve a vote", in his State of the Union.

This single stand alone action will say, that the status quo will not stand. And
even though America's government may be broken...the "Will" of its President
is not, nor that of the American people.

No more agencies without a Chairman.
No more seats on the federal bench without appointments.
No more denying a President a vote on his own choices for a Cabinet seat.
And no longer, the Majority of the United States Senate being controlled
by a small group of Senators who think waiting to pass legislation should be like
be like standing in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Second, the Senate begins passing legislation that the American people have
clearly demonstrated they believe in. If the House refuses to bring it up for
a vote...than you have set up a reason why the American people should return
the House back to Democratic control.

The American people will vote for a cause...they won't vote for the idea of a cause.
Build an unanswered legislative agenda in Congress and you can build an army to
turn out the vote at the mid-term elections.

Finally, let President Johnson have the War on Poverty, Nixon the War on Drugs
and Bush the War on Terror...Let this President take no prisoners and win the War
on ineffective government... and he will win the most important War of all.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Marco Rubio - I should have had a V8; Obama - passion, principle & purpose

Experts agree that in spite of hundreds of millions of dollars spent on political ads,
candidates' positions on controversial issues, or whether you identify
yourself as a Republican or a Democrat...people vote for the person they
would most likely want to have dinner or a beer with.

After watching the President last night, let me just say...I'll have whatever
he's having, because Marco Rubio had either one too many jalapenos or he
was experiencing global warming right there on live TV. That was more
uncomfortable than watching the geeky kid kiss the Supermodel in the Super Bowl commercial.

And having dinner with Rand Paul, would probably be as much fun as sitting
in for Judas at "The Last Supper."

The President said last night, "we deserve a vote", when in fact we actually
have deserved much more than that. Four years and two elections later, a
Progressive, Liberal, unapologetic Democrat, showed up at The State of the
Union and articulated with passion, principle and purpose, what it means to
be a Democrat.

No longer were we dining on old fashioned meat and potato Republican policies
flavored with Democratic ideas because it was the cheapest item on the menu
or the easiest to digest.

Once again we were feasting on Big Ideas and even Bigger possibilities...not
simply choking on the debate of big government with small politicians.

Speaking of small politicians, I would have thought "Republican" Supreme Court,
Justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito would have been big enough to at least give up
their bowling night!

Just as Republicans had so successfully moved the "middle" to the "right of
center", the President moved the conversation back, not to whether his vision
for America is a bold and grand idea...but how can we afford to pay for it!

And an argument about smart government and cost is a lot more winnable
than an argument about direction.

Republicans found themselves agreeing so much with the President last night
that Ted Nugent and Wayne LaPierre will now be the new Viking Warriors in
the next Alec Baldwin Capital One Credit Card commercial.

Which is why the President must now capitalize on this moment by answering his
own call for leadership and not depend on citizenship to lead the charge.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why the State of the Union is more like a High School Reunion

With tonight being the 5th time that the President will appear before both
Houses of Congress, this special "Political Spectacle" has begun to feel more
like my High School reunion than our country's State of the Union.

You won't see this many people who don't like each other in one place...other
than the recreation yard at San Quentin Prison.

The Supreme Court will come again this year in full robe and costume, except
rumor has it they will sing the National Anthem and be guest stars on Glee!
Nancy Pelosi in an effort to look her best, will inject herself with so much Botox,
she will be in danger of being embalmed during the Benediction.

And John Boehner will be voted most likely to be awarded the "Congressional
Medal of Honor" for his work on the House Sub-Committee in charge of Extra-
terrestrials, and admitting to the fact that his skin is not really tan, but actually
glows in the dark.

President Obama will report that the country is expected to have a growth rate
of 7.9%, an unemployment rate of 4%, an expanded base of unionized employees,
record spending of 1.2 trillion dollars on infrastructure, a crackdown on white
collar crime and corruption, increased spending on social welfare programs and
a closing of illegal prisons...except he will be reporting on the People's Republic
of China instead of the United States of America.

It is similar to my High School Reunion, when we reminisced how the rival schools
football team... used to kick our ass!

Of course our goals are a little more modest. The President will ask that both sides
reach across party lines and come to an agreement on the debt ceiling, spending
cuts, and revenue we don't destroy the world's economy!

Now of course, we know that China is a dictatorship and rules without a moral authority. But did you also know that it has a Constitution that was ratified in 1982 that guarantees its people "full powers for a representative legislature, the right to ownership of private property, freedom of speech, press and assembly and ensures that China would never again suffer from the whims of a tyrant."

Now the fact that either the government, the people or both choose to ignore their
constitutional rights or suspend those rights whenever they feel threatened or find
it convenient...sounds like a far too similar conversation we have been having in this
country...ever since 9/11.

But the best part of the evening won't be that Lindsey Graham eerily reminds me of the best female tennis player that helped us win the City Championship, but at any Reunion -- it's always talking about the people who didn't show up!...but in this case, two of them, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul... will be talking about us instead!

As is custom now...the Opposition Party will have an opportunity on television to give
a response to the President's speech...and since the opposition can't even agree with
each other...we get two speeches instead of just one!

One Senator, Marco Rubio is clearly the "Homecoming King", while the other Senator Mr. Paul, was clearly left "Home Alone" way too often!

With Rubio being the next rising star of the Republican Party, Leadership wanted him to do his speech in Spanish and simulcast it in English, but they were afraid Rand Paul would then have him deported!

And since Rand Paul doesn't really believe in government anyway, his speech will be more like ten minutes on QVC...selling buttons and bumper stickers for his upcoming Presidential Campaign!
America's State of the Union will always be as strong as America's State of Mind!...because we are never limited by what we have done, but only by what we haven't done yet.

Last I checked..."We and the World"...still vote America as the country "most likely to

I hope President Obama, at this State of the Union, tells the World...we won the election!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Garden of Eden was America? So say the Mormons & ...

Mormon founder Joseph Smith established a settlement in Daviess County, Missouri, and taught that the Garden of Eden was somewhere in that area.
Well, a Democratic in 2013 can suppose too....
Perhaps in the year 1776, God looked down on the world and said, " I need
a new Garden of Eden"...So, God made America.
And then God said, " I need a country where knowledge isn't confined to a tree
and everyone is invited to take a bite from the apple without being
afraid of being bitten by a snake or a vampire from one of the latest
Twilight Movies"...So, God made America.
"I need a country where all men will treat women as equals and not as
if I made them from spare parts. Where all white men will realize that
all other men are not there to work in The Garden on their behalf.
Where The Garden will not only be open to those who got their first,
but to all those who can contribute to the greater good for all. And the
only time they will be forced to leave is when they are coming back for
the final time to see me"...So, God made America.
God then said, " I need a country where priests, TV Evangelists and Hare
Krishnas, are not handling my public relations. Where religions are
committed to spreading my word and not their will, and the only time
I see a Religious Leader on his knees and his lips moving, is to say a
prayer"...So, God made America.
"I need a country that will protect the Garden and not poison it. If I
wanted a polar bear to be on that thin of ice, I would have made him
a pelican. I need a country that wants its children to be thinner than
its atmosphere and knows that carbon dioxide is something you breathe
out, not a plague on the way in!...So, God made America.
God wants a country that is strong enough to protect and gentle enough
to reflect on the changing kindness and callousness that will cause so
much unrest. God said that he had to have a country that, "depended
more on doctors and science instead of manna and miracles. A country
that didn't spend so much time worshiping me, but appreciates how much
I believe in them"...So, God made America.
God looked around at what he created and said, "this Garden of Eden won't perish by his hand. Not by temptation, information, or self-realization, but only by our lack of faith that we are already there. Honor it, cherish it and always remember that God does bless it...So, God made America!

Friday, February 8, 2013

America's Best 10 Years - Best Yet to Come?

Since the best moments in life don't last forever, that is why God must
have invented the hangover, is important to know what trend-line
you are on.

Is your destiny still on the horizon or are you destined to remind people you
once got a hole-in-one at miniature golf, or you almost got into an elevator
with Julia Roberts.

Celebrities, Actors, Popstars and Athletes, may have careers that last a
lifetime, but they are only trendsetters and performers at their highest
creative and financial level... for usually, a good ten year period.
In about a decade, the Beatles wanted to "Hold Your Hand" on a "Long
and Winding Road", ending it all so "Suddenly",  before they told us just
to "Let it Be".

Even though Al Pacino won an Academy Award for "Scent of a Woman"...
one could argue that he was only a trendsetter between the ten year period
of time between yelling "Attica, Attica" in "Dog Day Afternoon", and shouting
"say hello to my little friend", in Scarface.

And someone please tell Baseball star Alex Rodriguez, that his best ten years
are long gone and no one wants to see him hang on to his career like an EPO
intravenous tube hanging down from Lance Armstrong's bicycle shorts.

But celebrities are not the only icons that are limited to finite periods of
trendsetting success.

The hottest nightclub is always on the way out, just by the time you can get
yourself in!

"Page Six Restaurants" only stay on trend by not worrying about what is on
the menu, but for how long the paparazzi photographs who is in the seats.
Dell, Gateway and Hewlett Packard did not foresee the trend that it would not be
PC to own a PC, and that the term "Smartphone" was referring to those who chose
to manufacture them.

Who would have thought that the click of "you have a friend" on FaceBook, would
replace the sound of "you have mail" on AOL, faster than Instagram and Pintrest
have replaced Polaroid and Kodak.

Countries are no different and have their best years in front of them or behind
them as well. Western Europe is still trying to become a trendsetter again by
transitioning from Colonialism to Commercialism as their final frontier.

Don't know if France is in a Renaissance now, that a French Napoleon is known more
for striking fear in your waistline than on the battlefield?

Will Spain's historically high unemployment rate prove to be far more dangerous
than the Inquisition ever was, and will the fact that Rome's Gladiators are now Armani,
Versace, and Ferrari, help restore the Empire?

The United States is the world's only global super power, but why does our trend-line
feel like we are always one problem away from needing to have the paddles from the
defibrillator warmed up and ready to go.

Is it because eight years ago we nearly self-imploded the economy like a failed North
Korean missile launch? Or the fact that we have been at war for more than ten years
with two countries the size of New Jersey. And our middle class feels more abused
then Lindsey Lohan's probation officer.

If our country is destined to have our best years yet to come, then our politicians
cannot approach our political problems like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube, while
suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

Campaigning with easy solutions and governing with gridlock so tight that the Statue
of Liberty is now being fitted for a pair of "Skinny Jeans" only part of the problem!

Losing our uniquely American Values seems a far more bigger problem to overcome!
We used to talk of citizenship as a shared we fight about how to
share the burden of taxes and the benefits of Social Security and Medicare.

The second amendment once armed us with protection from a Tyrant and Tyranny...
now we use it to arm ourselves against each other...instead of protect each other!

We once fought for high ideals with painful sacrifice for the right of self-determination,
today we fight against Voter ID laws designed to suppress the vote.

We came here for the right to be free from religious persecution but because of
religious principles...we are still fighting for a woman's right to choose.

We are a Nation founded by immigrants but now we want to deny the next generation
a green card and turn them into second class citizens.

We have always been a nation of Patriots and and now we hide our values behind the
Patriot Act.

And now...we are a nation that can legally kill its own citizens without a judge, without
a jury...but with a memo from the White House!

If our best moments as a nation.., our best ten years, our best 100 years, are just around the corner...then we need to remind our Leadership that America is not the place that derives it's destiny from a good tax policy or a stock market that soars past 14,000 points.....
...but our strength has always come from the heart!

That is what the world used to see when they looked across the oceans...and that is what
we all need to see now!

What has been America's best ten year period or is the best ten year period...still yet to

Thursday, February 7, 2013

White House Alert: A Memo To Kill

Every seven years the amount of information in the world is said to be doubled, and so does our stupidity of what to do with it.

Just ask Governor Bobby Jindal, who couldn't believe people thought he was calling the Republicans "The Stupid Party", when he was only inviting them to "Party like Stupid "at Mardi Gras that begins this week!

And speaking of stupid...Sarah Palin thought "Fat Tuesday", was New Orleans' version of "No Meat on Fridays", and was excited at the prospect of standing on the balcony at Bourbon Street and not having to look for Russia, but just see how many Russian Vodkas she and Todd could drink!

When Sarah found out there was a "Parade"...she was disappointed she couldn't be the Grand Marshall, because they had already chosen a naked, all androgynous looking "Drone Aircraft" to symbolize how sex in the Military now means someone is having fun, instead of being used as a weapon to hold back your career.

The Military may no longer discriminate against women or gays, but it also no longer discriminates... on who it will kill!
One of The Four Tops greatest hits: "I'll Be There", is now the strike force mantra that every Drone carries, as well as the fear and terror to all those that might stand in America's way! We already knew that if you were a soldier on the battlefield, a terrorist or an enemy combatant...our Drones will be there!

But it wasn't until this week that we had access to a new White House memo that let us know if you are an American citizen that is suspected of treasonous activities...a Drone will be there as well. 

This was a Secret Memo...unlike the Daily Top Secret Briefing that President Bush received, "Warning of an Imminent Attack by Bin-Laden." This memo must have been stuck on the employee refrigerator in the White House basement, with a souvenir CIA magnet...considering the "oh well" attitude by administration officials since its discovery by an NBC reporter.

"Death by Memo", has now replaced choking on popcorn as the leading cause of death for non-white males between the ages of 24-32, who like the name Muhammad!

Since 9/11, America has been fighting the war against terror. And after many a battle won and our dearest treasure lost...we now live in a country, where we the people can equate a government accusation with guilt, be held and never charged, tortured in the name of enhanced interrogation techniques, spied on and eavesdropped without Court approval, and now be killed at the discretion of the President and by the guidelines ina "Memo" that has less checks and balances, then when I rotate my tires. 

There is nothing wrong with killing terrorists and making America safer...After all, Sly Stallone has films older than most terrorists to prove it...but you shouldn't have to kill the Constitution to do it!

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely," may have once been said by Lance Armstrong and said all the time by Donald Trump...but it has been done all too recently by the likes of FDR when he interned innocent Japanese American in detention camps during WWII, by J. Edgar Hoover when he plotted to destroy Martin Luther King, Nixon with Watergate, Reagan - Iran Contra, and Karl Rove trying to take over the US Attorney's Office and the Department of Justice.

How much history must we have... to know that history will continue to repeat itself!

How much information must we have before we realize what stupid what stupid does!"

Is it stupid for so many Americans to be worried about the 2nd Amendment when in reality they might be living in a country where they have no "Rights at All". 

Is it stupid to believe that a free society needs to distinguish between secret government accusations and a transparent proof of guilt? 

Is it stupid to blindly assume that government accusations are true without any credible process or opportunity to contest those accusations? 

Is it simply stupid to sit there in silence and not exercise your right of "free speech" to say this will not stand! 

Mardi Gras began as a holiday to let your demons out before you sacrifice for "lent". We shouldn't be asked to sacrifice our "Freedoms" for our safety, our Constitution for our security...or a great night at Mardi the name of "Stupidity!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Boy Scouts may end ban on gays --except for that one catch

After watching Beyonce electrify the crowd during the Super Bowl Halftime
Show...most of America not only forgives her for lip-syncing at the Presidential
Inauguration, but would now be willing to just watch and read subtitles the next
time she performs.

Ever since Milli Vanilli, midnight performances of the Rocky Horror Picture Show,
and every transvestite who wants to be Cher -- lip-syncing has had its place in pop
culture, alongside the unending renditions of "We are the Champions" and "I'm
a Soul Man" at our favorite karaoke bar.

But while Beyonce did everything but "Put a Ring on It" Sunday night, the Boy Scouts
of America were busy last week paying lip-service to it's own mission statement
of "preparing young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes."

Living in fear that one Scout might grow up one day and get a Merit Badge for
wanting to "Put a Ring" on the finger of another Scout, has led to cries of Red
Rover, Red Rover...The Boy Scouts are over!

Yes, the Boy Scouts announced that it may eliminate the ban of gays from membership at the national level, leaving local units to decide -- has drawn sharp criticism from their most religious members, who are "gravely distressed," even as more liberal churches lauded the decision.

Unlike the Girl Scouts and the United States Military, who still shop at JC Penny in spite of Ellen DeGeneres being asked to dance among the washers and dryers, up until now --the Boy Scouts have failed to boldly go where equal rights and human dignity should have taken them long before.  Leaving one of the most important moral and ethical decisions of the organizations lifetime, the issue of gay equality, to the 290 local governing  councils and 116,000 sponsoring mostly religious and civic organizations --with two thirds of scouting chapters religiously affiliated.

In fact the Boy Scouts won a 2000 Supreme Court order to keep
local chapters from having the very right to make this decision!

Whenever society has failed to make the tough decisions or live up to our noblest
ideals, such as equal justice and the "Pursuit of Happiness" it has usually done so
in the name of "States Rights" or "Religious Freedom."

It wasn't too long ago when former Governor George Wallace had nothing against Black
people...he just thought everyone should own one!

Many Scout organizations are sponsored by religious groups where equality may
originate as a God-given right but doctrine has far too often limited that equality
to who can volunteer at the Bake Sale instead of how we can all serve the Lord!

Religious organizations such as the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, who just
this past Thursday was revealed to have paid 660 million dollars for the cover up of
the sexual abuse of more than 500 children by 124 priests, will still be many more
years away from realizing the millions of children they have hurt, not by sexually
abusing them...but by denying them the right to love who they choose or to love
who they are!

Considering how they have handled sexual would think they would want
to do a much better job with sexual identity.

And the Scouts should not be complicit by giving them or any other organization the
authority to discriminate in their their their the
same manner each local troop gets to decide their favorite knot!

Every religion has the right to practice their faith...and only participate with organizations
they choose...but the requirement for that participation should not be the imposition of
that faith on an organization that invites all other faiths to participate...when sometimes
that faith is nothing more than believing in yourself!

Religious tolerance is as elusive as the Holy Spirit if you don't allow your members to congregate with people of other beliefs. Sharing life experiences with someone you may not agree with, is not an endorsement of someone else's belief...but merely an acknowledgment that they have a right to believe it!

Preparing young men to make the best ethical and moral choices cannot begin without making an ethical and moral decision as an organization. Discrimination, bigotry and prejudice shouldn't be allowed to hide behind religion, states rights or even the Supreme Court...and certainly not not behind the uniform of "The Boy Scouts of America!"

Before Beyonce lip-synced her performance during the Presidential Inauguration...our President sang his own live tune, when he said, "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law - for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well."

I would make him an Honorary Eagle Scout for that!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg and the Pepsi Generation

If you are in NYC and watching the Super Bowl this weekend, this might
be the last time you can order a refill and get a Coke and a smile!

Because in less than 3 months a new ban on sugary soft drinks that are
larger then 16 oz.'s will go into effect, which will limit you to one Coke or
a $200 fine.

It appears that Mayor Bloomberg thinks the Pepsi Generation's explosion
of Type II Diabetes, is now his obligation and even if "I'm a Pepper and
you feel like a Pepper" probably look way too much like a potato.

I appreciate the Mayor is concerned about my widening waistline, but I much
prefer he focus on widening the lanes on the Long Island Expressway!

People voted for Mr. Bloomberg to worry about alternate side of the street
parking, if they wanted to choose an alternative lifestyle they would have
purchased a weight loss program from Richard Simmons.

I personally want a Mayor to know how to clean my streets...not my colon!
Obesity is a serious problem with serious consequences, but our culture of
over indulgence is not limited to overeating...but a competitive lifestyle
where "Bigger is always Better".

Who has the biggest building, cruise ships are bigger than certain zip codes,
and planes are so big it takes you longer to find your seat than to get to your
destination! Is it really a surprise that our ass in the seats are so much bigger

Soon our luggage will go back to flying for free and they will charge our ticket
on how much we weigh per pound!

But this challenge cannot be overcome by changing a law...but by changing a

Modern Science may reduce our cravings or the calories we consume, but we
should not try to reduce someone's waistline... by reducing their "Rights".
They tried that once was called Prohibition...and it didn't stop
drinking but started another cultural phenomenon... called the Mafia.

Just as we fight so hard everyday for a woman to have the right to choose
to actually be pregnant or not...if someone wants to eat enough to look pregnant
all of the time...than God bless Krispy Kreme and 32 oz. sodas to help them do so!
Laws are meant to stop us from hurting other people...they are much less influential
in stopping us from hurting ourselves.

And even though a six pack of abs is preferable to a six pack of Coke...we need to
have the "Right" to choose which one we prefer!

One can argue that seat belt laws and motorcycle helmets are examples where a
law has saved lives, when a culture had failed to do so...but we did not pass a law
that required someone to wear a seat belt only in certain cars or helmets on only
certain motorcycles to protect against only a certain type of accident!

Calories is the enemy here...and sugar in sodas is only one of the culprits. Unless
we are willing to ban sugar altogether...than this selective and arbitrary choice
to choose this one product and this one ingredient...becomes more harmful as a
a restriction of "Our Rights" than a benefit to our health!

Will carbohydrates be appearing soon before Judge Judy? Should we be legislating
how many pieces of bacon will be allowed on a Bacon Cheeseburger? Are we over-
reaching here even if we can't put our arms around our waist?

To truly tackle obesity, wouldn't our children be better served by offering them
more physical education classes instead of french fries and milkshakes in the
school cafeteria?

Sometimes the natural law of education, warning labels and the consequences of our
actions are our best guides...and if that doesn't work...I wouldn't bet against Mayor
Bloomberg's passion and philanthropic make sure it does!