Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Republican Nightmare is the Democrat's Dream Act!

Ever since Donald Trump accused the President of being "Soft on Immigration"
because he was secretly an immigrant himself...his fellow Republicans have
wanted to get rid of the President's "Dream Act" faster than one of his recent
recess appointments.
With that plan falling short, in part due to Mitt Romney failure to attract more
than 24% of the Hispanic vote, Mitt was deported "out of the bubble" and sent
back to Bain Capital, to export more American jobs to overseas companies.
Republican leadership though quickly changed course and decided that antagonizing
the fastest growing voting segment of the population, is about as smart as asking
Sofia Vegara to speak with more of an English accent.
Mitch McConnell is now busy hitting the Pinata and planning Cinco de Mayo Parties
and John Boehner understands to win an election in the future, you must listen to
Rosetta Stone and not visit it in a Museum.
But as Conservative House Republicans always do...they treat every policy debate as
if it was a religious experience...and of course Immigration has been the Holy Grail.
Republicans like to say, that no illegal aliens can get on the path to citizenship without  
paying the consequences for their severe indiscretion and lack of respect for the rule  
of law...
I don't know if I am listening to a debate on immigration or watching Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ"...either way, they make getting on the right path. a very painful process!
And as long as they want the path to citizenship to be like the road to Heaven...then
we will need more than right wing Republicans checking passports at the Pearly Gates!
They forget that many of these "illegal aliens" were invited to this country with a wink
and a nod of low paying jobs and a life in the shadows. Our criticism of them is the
equivalent moral dilemma of criticizing Chinese Labor Laws and then celebrating the
lowest prices at Wal-Mart.
But our politicians have announced that no immigrants will wake up to the "Dream Act,"unless the Border comes to resemble our version of the modern day Iron Curtain.
The collapse of the Soviet Union, the tunnels by Hamas and the failure to keep drugs
flowing across our border...tells us, that walls built on fear are much more effective
at keeping people in, than a desperate family out...but you can still find some Republicans who rather shop eBay for souvenir bricks from the Berlin Wall than build a policy based on common interests and "economic cents".
During the last 4 years of a struggling economy America actually experienced more
illegal aliens leaving our country then fighting to get in because immigration is much
more an economic battle to survive than a class warfare between the haves and those
that want to have more!
Our nation is not only a country of laws, but has always been connected by a kindred
spirit of people who know how to risk everything they have...when they have virtually
nothing left to risk.
The modern day Ellis Island looks quite different today. It no longer simply passes by the Lady who holds the Torch of Freedom soaring over New York Harbor but through our Colleges and Universities that invite the world's brightest to learn...even though we never invited them to stay once they graduated.
This change in Policy will do more to insure the tradition that America's melting pot will boil over from the flame of innovative ideas and that our policies won't contribute to immigrating people in, while emigrating the best ideas out!
If the Republicans finally understand that immigration is not someone moving from a Blue State to a Red State or a New Yorker going to Florida for the winter...then maybe they are one step closer to realizing the "Dream Act" is not a Broadway Show but a policy that helps all of us be one step closer to the American Dream!

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