Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Inauguration's Hottest Issue - Literally

The hottest issue to arrive out of the President's Inaugural Address, appropriately enough ...was Climate Change! This issue was 5 degrees warmer than same-sex marriage and the Republican response has been full of more hot Co2 than Lance Armstrong's apology on Oprah Winfrey.

Many Republicans are still doubting whether or not we have a "global warming" issue, in spite of the fact that bars at Happy Hours in NYC, were giving away shots of free suntan lotion instead of chicken wings this past summer, and the Island of Manhattan was nearly lost to a storm like a ship sailing by in the Bermuda Triangle.
As reported in a recent column by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times, the simple facts that the 10 warmest years on record have all fallen within the past 15 years, while today our atmosphere is polluted with almost twice the amount of carbon dioxide that has been the norm for the previous several thousand years.
But the real danger according to Hal Harvey, the chief executive of Energy
Innovation, is if the Ice Caps continue to melt, the frozen methane that lies
beneath the frozen tundra will release into the atmosphere "the equivalent
of all the carbon dioxide that all humanity has emitted from the start of history
to now".
It is not that the Republicans don't believe in Science...they just don't  believe in
scientists that don't serve their constituencies.
Most members of Congress are attorneys by trade, so they are used to representing
clients with indefensible positions. And as long as elected officials see their clients
as those that are paying to get them re-elected as opposed to those that are voting
for them...we will continue to get their version of Bill Nye the Science Guy instead
of common sense solutions from Nobel Laureate scientists.

How can we hope to change the climate, when we are not willing to change an environment in Washington, whereby Republicans always seem to lie about the facts while the Democrats are busy lying to themselves?

The Republican Greatest Hits: Water boarding isn't torture, Missing Weapons of Mass Destruction, tax cuts pay for themselves, new voter ID laws are not meant to suppress the vote, vouchers will save Social Security and Medicare as we know it, ObamaCare has Death Panels, Donald Trump has 5 million dollars to prove that the President was born in Kenya...all Republican lies based on their own set of facts... they know aren't true.

The Democrats have tortured their base by believing that bi-partisanship is a winning formula, despite the fact they have an opposition who believes compromise is agreeing to do what we want, while agreeing not to do what you want. And the Democrats always believe that passing legislation is the end to solving a problem instead of just the beginning of a Republican initiative to undo the result.

Since 2011, 135 laws have been passed in more than 24 states to restrict access to abortion. Nearly every state with a Republican Governor or Attorney General has filed a legal action against ObamaCare and woman executives that sit on the Board of Directors of Fortune 500 companies are as rare as a female member of Augusta National Golf Course, in spite of passing the historic Lilly Ledbetter legislation.

The Republicans always argue that it is immoral and unethical to pass our financial burdens on to the next generation...what if there is no next generation, because we passed on our greed and immorality instead of our planets immortality!
This Inauguration, the chill in the air was not from the cold winds whipping around the
Washington Monument, but from the steely eyed determination of passionate everyday
people, who came to see a President elected and a promise fulfilled.
A promise that cannot afford to be broken...even if the promise of government has been!


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