Thursday, January 24, 2013

Must See Hillary TV

Hillary Clinton was "must see" viewing on television yesterday because she was neither "Dancing" to avoid tough questions...nor "Dancing With Political Stars."

Republican members of the Intelligence and Armed Service Committee who had
most recently accused her of pretending to be Terry Schaivo in order to avoid
testifying about Benghazi, did more to kick-off her Presidential campaign then
send her off in political turmoil.

Fiery when challenged, emotional when taking responsibility and unapologetic when
confronted by the politicization of the deaths of 4 former friends and colleagues,
Mrs. Clinton showed why women were long overdue in being granted the right to
fight in combat.

Unlike Ambassador Rice, who has had better success navigating the dangers of North Korea and China than the halls of Congress or questions on Meet The Press, this Clinton never waivered or gave a definition of what "is" is.

She left no doubt that mistakes had been made, especially when Congress had failed to fund a 300 million dollar request by her to secure our Embassies abroad prior to the attack on Benghazi, and that key recommendations and protocols had already been implemented to best insure this can never happen again.

Joe Biden who is rumored to be running for President in 2016, liked it much better when her 1 million frequent flyer miles were keeping her as invisible as a drone at 20,000 feet.

John McCain, who never got over running for President, thinks being the elder statesman of the party, now requires him to act like Walter Matthau's sidekick in Grumpy Old Men...wanted to say to Hillary, "I know Sarah Palin and you're no Sarah Palin"...but then he would come out of the fog and remember that if Sarah Palin had been more like her...he might have won the election!

Which brings us back to what these hearings were really all about... the 2016 Presidential Election. If John McCain hadn't thought the fundamentals of the economy were just fine when Hank Paulson was imploring Congress that America's banks had less desirable assets in their vaults, than the mystery contents in a storage locker on Reality easily could have been candidates Sarah versus  Hillary in 2016.

Two very different candidates for one potential very special election!

One candidate that has proven her remarkable capabilities, while the other still surprises us with what she might be capable of.

One candidate overcame a cheating husband, the other can't get the cheat notes off the palm of her hand.

One candidate became the pundit that Fox News loves and the other was already the one they love to hate.

Both candidates wrote best selling books, only one candidate can probably read either one of them.
In watching the Rand Pauls , Tim Johnsons and the John McCains at today's hearing, if you are a Democrat, it was very comforting to see that after the election they are still very much the Party of Sarah Palin.

Or as she said so eloquently upon being nominated for Vice-President said:"You know what they say the difference is between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick!"

Today it looked like The Republican Party was standing at the cosmetic counter instead of sitting behind the podium... at an important Congressional Hearing.

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