Friday, January 25, 2013

Gov. Jindal to GOP:"Time to stop being the Stupid Party" - Really?

  • Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana said today, "it is time for the Republican
    Party to "stop being the stupid Party"...but how do you do that, when most of
    your Party thinks stupid is the "New Normal".
    Just this week we have Rick Santorum being the Keynote Speaker at the anti-
    abortion rally, "March For Life". In order to show that a fetus is just as smart
    as he is, Rick answered questions with one kick for yes and two kicks for no!
    In New Mexico, 10 Republicans co-sponsored a Bill that would force a woman,
    impregnated by rape, to give birth to the baby in order to secure a conviction
    against the rapist...this is because Republicans still believe that babies are from
    cabbage patches delivered by a Stork!
    And in Texas, the day after New York signed the toughest gun control law in
    the Nation, Attorney General Greg Abbot placed Internet Advertisements in NYC
    that said," Attention New Yorkers - We Want You and Your Guns!...probably
    because Rick Perry is still looking for help in seceding from the Union!
    Governor Jindal went on to say that "we as a Party have to start talking like
    adults and stop damaging the brand"...and then abruptly announced the cancellation
    of a 12 City Debate Tour between Big Bird and Mitt Romney.
    The problem for the Governor, is that he believes he has a Sales and Marketing
    issue, when the Party actually has a message and a messenger problem.
    Paul Ryan, (the messenger),, defined the Party as a "Value- Add" (the message), in helping to negotiate a final outcome over the debt ceiling and spending cuts. The floor mats in a Chevrolet are a value-add...not exactly a "Lincolnesque" branding moment for a Party in crisis.
    As Chris Mathews pointed out on "Hardball", the Democratic positions on most major
    issues, such as abortion, gun control and immigration, are now favored by more than
    50% of the people, while the Republican popularity on key positions has been dropping
    faster than the weight of the leading contestant on "The Biggest Loser".
    But where the Republicans have failed to win the battle for the "Hearts and Minds",
    they have won in the art of filibustering in Congress and Gerrymandering in State  
    Congressional Districts. This will allow them to receive less votes then the Democrats,
    but win more elections.
    This winning formula has now emboldened them to try to change the electoral college
    in states, where it could give them a competitive advantage in a presidential election.
    So unfortunately for Governor Jindal, he will still see Republican Candidates such as
    a Ted Cruz from Texas, who will not hesitate to shut down the government over
    spending cuts, claim gun control is unconstitutional and consider a legislative standoff,
    another chance at winning at the Alamo!
    Next week the biggest corporations in America will be spending up to 4 million dollars
    on Super Bowl Ads to sell their best message in 60 seconds or less.
    The best message that Governor Jindal can that the Republican Party needs
    to sell a new product to the American People!

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