Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Congress is like us: one big dysfunctional family

When the Founding Fathers' had the intuitive instinct to include the
"Pursuit of Happiness" as a fundamental right in the Declaration of
Independence, they did so without the foresight of watching an episode of "Dr. Phil" or the benefit of hindsight from being at the "Salem Witch Trials", ...which was a little before their time!

As we have learned in the past 236 years, pursuing happiness is a far
cry from achieving it, and as we have looked towards and pushed away from government at various times to help us...our happiness with government and the divisions between us, seem to have grown like an an epidemic of reality shows that no longer simply mock us...but more often reflect who we are!

With an all-time low approval rating of less than 8% and a dysfunctional approach to solving problems that can only be exceeded by the National Debt itself, maybe it's time to recognize that Congress is not the problem,
but merely a true representation of the dysfunctional people they represent.

It's not that we are Red or Blue, Conservative or Liberal...but that we are
almost tribal in nature...now more a product of where we live, than what we
have learned along the way!

Which would explain, why even though we complain about Congress collectively,
90% of the time, we re-elect and send our own tribal leaders from our own city
or state...right back to Congress to do it all again.

We never see anything wrong with our own Congressman or with those who elect
him or her...it's just everybody else who is the problem!

As long as the difference in our "values" determines the road that must be blocked
as opposed to the one that must be traveled, than Congress will continue to be as
lost as an Apple Map on an IPhone.

Maybe we can't get passed our opinions on such volatile issues as Gun Control and
Immigration because we can't get past the subtler differences of how we see each
...never mind the problems that keeps a Jersey Shore and a Sweet Home Alabama
viewing on two different channels.

In New York they judge you by where you live and in Los Angeles by what you drive.
In Dallas the first thing they ask you is, how big is your house and in Chicago they
want to know whether you are or have ever been married to one of those "Mob
Wives' ". In San Francisco they want to know who you work for and in Boston what
school you attended. In Atlanta, how many "Baby Momma's you have and in Montgomery
did you marry your cousin?...can you see how agreeing on world peace and economic
collapse can be a problem?

We can't expect Congress to fix our problems until we begin to solve some of our
own. It's hard to understand each other when we hardly understand ourselves. And as
long as we define each other with stereotypes and mistrust, than that is how our
Political Leaders will define the problems we send them to solve.

Let that truth be "self-evident".

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