Friday, January 25, 2013

Can children ever feel safe again, when everyone is letting them down?

Madison Avenue taught politicians a long time ago, that voters will ultimately
make their decisions based on emotion rather than information.

That is why Republicans will frame any failure to lower the Debt, as an immoral
act of irresponsibility being passed down to the children of future generations.

While Democrats won't hesitate to portray the Republicans, as willing to "Throw
Mama from the Train", if she and her two kids show more interest in receiving
food stamps than waiting in line to buy postage stamps.

Child Safety, used to be an issue limited to school crossing guards, caps on
medicine bottles and warning labels on Clorox Bleach. Now, children don't even
feel safe from the voices of Elmo and Charlie Brown.

If the children of tomorrow are being used to justify the policies of today...then
how can we trust the planners of tomorrow...when they seem to be doing such a  
poor job for the children of today?

Have our policies increased the likelihood that we all know an obese 10 year old boy
boy with Attention Deficit Disorder, that goes to an overcrowded and underfunded,
school, that drinks shots of 5 Hour Energy instead of a glass of non-fat milk?

Is it all to common today, to know a 12 year old girl, confused by an early adolescence,
possibly brought on by environmental concerns or emotional stress.

Do we know any children that go to school and are afraid of coming home safely
because they know someone who didn't?

Do comments by a Prince Harry, confuse them even more, when he draws no
distinction and connects a real life killings and violent video games.

We no longer have time to explain the Birds and the Bees but are forced to make
explanations for the acts of misguided Priests and the Jerry Sanduskys.

But maybe the most confusing message of all, must be the disconnect they feel when
they pledge allegiance to the Flag and learn the very people their parents voted for
to represent that Flag... have an 8% approval rating and an even lower opinion of
each other.

We wonder why the greatest generation has raised a series of self-centered generations,
when we can't solve any of their problems without first going through a period self-twisted machinations.

Athletes, rock stars and superstar entrepreneurs used to be role models for whom our children wanted to be...since that doesn't seem to be working out too well, can't our elected officials at least try to be a role model... for who are children should try to be.

After all...we are supposed to be a representative why not begin with
representing something better than the 8%... that no one wants to be!

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