Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: Eastwood, Armstrong, Zimmerman, & Fiscal Cliff

Happy New Year Everybody!

2013 is starting out a lot like 2012...there are a lot of things
that could have happened that didn't...should not have happened
but did!

Some of these things were obvious...some were not!
I was glad to see that President Obama could finally be the Last Man
Standing  while Clint Eastwood should have just sat down. It was a
shame that George Zimmerman chose to Stand his ground, but it was
also a relief to see that ObamaCare could withstand a ruling from the
Highest Court in the land.

General Petraeus could now be known as the man who "had sex with that
woman" while Bill Clinton should be known again for simply seducing a nation
with his powerful speech at the Democratic National Convention.
In 2012 we saw Lance Armstrong replace our old friend Senator Bob Dole
as the poster child for performance enhancing drugs, while Donald Trump
brought the issues of the mentally challenged to the just
saying hello!

We learned that if you drink and drive a 4200 passenger cruise ship, better to be able to swim a straight line before abandoning ship and racing to the
parking lot to beat the traffic home.

And that inspite of winning the right to marry who we want...we became
further divorced from freedom as we failed to amend the FISA Court or the
Patriot Act.

We saw the beginning of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan coming to an end,
while leaving the "Middle East" in as much turmoil as we found it...once again!

This year the role of government came to the forefront as we saw Hurricane Sandy
the second worst massive storm in history strike the east coast while mass shootings
struck our movie theaters, temples and schools.

And finally we saw a "Fiscal Cliff" that fell from 2012 and crashed into 2013 with
either us wearing a golden parachute or riding a golden calf.  

2013 is already off to an audacious start...but if we stay informed, engaged and
passionate - than we won't only be discussing what happens over the next 12 months
...we will be creating it!

And that is what make's it the Happy New Year that we all deserve!

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