Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The 2nd Amendment - God - Gays and Guns

Karl Rove hasn't been this happy since the 2000 Presidential Republican
Primary, when South Carolina robo-calls were telling voters that John McCain
had fathered a black baby.

He also may not have been able to predict Ohio this year, but he can foresee
with glee, that when Senator Feinstein introduces a ban on assault rifles,
Guns (assault ban)- Gays (same sex marriage) - and God (Defense of Marriage Act)
will officially be back on the ballot for the 2014 mid-term elections.

He knows those 3-G's will do more to excite the Republican Electorate
than a story on the G-Spot ever did for an issue of Cosmopolitan

Karl always understood two things - Lower Taxes gets the Secular vote and
being the Party of God get's the Religious vote - and an attack on the 2nd
Amendment or the Constitution gets them both!

Social Conservatives stayed quiet and stayed home this election because they
were told "its the economy stupid"! So they voted for Mitt Romney with all the
enthusiasm of a liberal being asked to go duck hunting with Dick Cheney!

Even though this Country started out under the premise of a separation of
Church and State, the Constitution was written as a secular version of the
Bible...so attack the Constitution... and you attack "My God".

One has the Ten Commandments while the other has the Bill of Rights.
Constitutional Purists like to argue about original intent while religious
fundamentalists argue the literal interpretation of the Good Book.

One has 9 Supreme Court Justices guarding the gates of justice while the
other has 12 Apostles waiting at the Pearly Gates!

One may send you to "Hell" if you don't follow along...while the other can
send you to jail if you don't go along!

Neither one had very much faith in it's people. The Constitution calling for
Electoral and Representative government - while one's Faith in God gets
interpreted and disseminated by countless Religious Leaders.

This fight over the 2nd Amendment won't be the first or the last time that
the Bible and the Constitution will cross paths and ignite a national conversation
of who we are and how we shall choose to live.

70 years ago Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan went to battle
over Darwinism vs. Creationism and the winner was the American people
who got to hear the debate!

This year...let's not take two steps forward by winning an election and one
step backwards because we won't fight for the issues!

Gun Control - Immigration - Living equally under the eyes of the law - HealthCare
and Climate change can only be the President's agenda if you make it your agenda
...It may not be clearly defined in the Bible or the Constitution...but those are
issues that will clearly define our nation!

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