Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pray It Forward - Fave It Forward

At the memorial service for 7 year old Audrey McDonald, there was a deafening moment of silence for this little "Amazing Grace" that filled our hearts with love - prayer and reflection.
For Grace it will mark the first night - of a forever of premature "Silent Nights" - and hopefully the last night of quiet, for the "Silent Majority" of Americans who have stood passively on the sidelines, when passionate reason and moral indignation were conspicuously absent from too many conversations.
In our Society  we have always been "Inspired to Hire" instead of "Motivated to Act" we outsource our responsibilities at every turn with the ease of a vote , choosing an accountant or allowing a KFC or McDonald's to be the new family dinner table.
A volunteer army fights our battles and a charitable tax donation replaces being part of a community. How can we become responsible to each other when we don't take responsibility for ourselves!
Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the NRA proved amazingly, that he is still "blind and cannot see" as he spoke loudly and predictably of protecting our schools with a volunteer army of "George Zimmermans". Next, it will be shopping malls - churches and restaurants. Next, guns won't be enough but we will need to carry grenades and rocket launchers to have enough overwhelming force as a permanent deterrent!
He criticized creating a culture of violence with video games and play stations but never acknowledged the role that the NRA has played in developing a culture of violence that equates armed Militias with Paintball League Warriors!
But it is not what Mr. LaPierre says that is important...but what we don't say that matters. Our "Silence "gives him power. Today, in our 24 hour news cycles it is the loudest voices that get heard...not the will of the majority or the voice of reason.
Let Grace's voice be heard...let your voice rise above the noise...If you don't have a voice than use someone else's!
Start with "Praying it Forward" - so your thoughts inspire you and connect you to someone other than yourself...than choose a blog - choose an article - pick an issue that you have been "Silent" about - "Fav it Forward and simply say you think this is important...and ask them to do the same!
Than instead of needing the "George Zimmermans" who at first protect us and than turn against us...we can have an army of ideas that won't get lost in a world of slick marketing campaigns full of misdirection and false hope.
Pray it Forward - Fave it Forward ...and leave what needs to be... all behind us!

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