Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let's Bury the Arguments and Not Our Children

In Life- you can never change what happens but you can always try to
learn from it. But all too often, what gets in the way are a false set
of choices, a myopic view of an issue, and well guided intentions
hidden behind misguided fears.

After watching another "Field of Dreams" turned into another killing
field, I have heard some of the same rapid fire arguments being
shot across the bow from people who are quick to "Stand Their Ground"
even before the children from the latest tragedy have been laid to rest

"Gun Control is only for law abiding citizens" - "Guns do not kill people only
deranged people do" - "Police can only be reactive and most tragedies are
over in seconds" - "Cars kill more people than guns, should we outlaw them?".
There are currently 77,000 laws on the books...would one more really have
made a difference?".

I always found it ironic that the man who invented dynamite also founded the
Nobel Prize for Peace because he felt he created a weapon that made a difference
he didn't want to make.

Or that Robert Oppenheimer the lead scientist who invented the Atomic Bomb
was fired from developing the Hydrogen Bomb because after seeing the results
of his work in Japan, he did not want to create another weapon that could be
such a difference maker.

More than 65 years appears that society is still in a arms race. This time
to control access to the weapons because we learned we cannot control the country
or the person who may possess it.

If Iran and North Korea could only bring a gun to a nuclear fight...we wouldn't be facing
the possibility of war once again. Don't argue...that weapons of choice doesn't matter,
whether it be in the School Yard or the Mediterranean sea.

Cars do kill more people than guns -- but if everyone owned a Tank instead of a Toyota than
we probably would be arguing to outlaw them as well.  When a drunk driver kills someone in a car, we don't suspend him from drinking but we do take away his right to drive preventing him from using it as a weapon of choice ever again.

It takes 6 months to get a drivers license - 6 minutes to get a gun and 20 years to kill
someone on death you really want to argue there is no more we can do to
protect the rights of those that should have a weapon and protect the rest of us from those
that don't?

If laws were the be all and end all to control human behavior than the Ten Commandments
would certainly have been a lot more effective.  But laws do create a culture and more importantly a mechanism to guide the law abiding and slow down the insane whose only law they follow is the satanic voice they may hear in their head.

Laws and especially the violation of laws create a paper and electronic trail of 'Intelligence" that
does prevent crime before it happens...does allow the police to be pro-active instead of reactive
and puts undue burdens upon the criminals and yes sometimes at the expense of law abiding citizens.

One 9/11 made us evaluate that tradeoff to prevent another attack. How many more Sandy Hooks does
there have to be before we pass a law or toughen a process or institute a more stringent system that
will allow "intelligence" to protect us...when there is no policeman or metal detector that can. After World War II we tried the path of mutual destruction to prevent another nuclear event that
could destroy the world...we have been negotiating for a nuclear free world ever since.

We can negotiate an armed society based on a protective path of everyone having a George Zimmerman live on their block or we can try to add just  "one sensible law" that will free the world of one insane person who might be planning the next act of terror in our schools, shopping malls and neighborhoods.

And finally please don't ever make this into an argument of convenience in the name of the Constitution
because we may pass a law that makes it difficult for someone to buy a gun at a flea market or do so with the ease you buy your carton of milk.

We want "intelligent laws" so intelligence can do the job that so far we have been unable to do. Those children who died at Sandy Hook don't have anymore constitutional rights because we failed to
protect their inalienable right for the pursuit of happiness.

The only argument worth having now... is one that will make sure this never happens again!

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