Monday, December 17, 2012

Is Sandy Hook today's 9/11?

My child didn't die at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but some of his childlike
innocence passed away when I had to explain to him why some children wouldn't be going
back to school the next day...or the day after that.

But unlike the parents of 9/11, I couldn't  tell my child not to worry, because of
how successful we will be in preventing another school, another child, another tragedy
from ever happening like this again.

He wouldn't understand but I do...that there will be no overreaction to what happened at
that school. There have been eloquent and powerful speeches and many a tear shed,
but there will be no equivalent reaction to 9/11. There will be no Patriot Act - no Enhanced
Interrogation Techniques authorized - no Guantanamo and no unauthorized spying on Americans
without court approval.

There will be no giant pendulum swing against the rights and principles in our Constitution
that would have the ACLU and every Progressive ironically fighting against, because crazy
mentally unstable mass murder's have one thing that terrorists and foreign invaders don't
have...the NRA.

The NRA has convinced the majority of Americans that any Gun Control is the equivalent of
Gun Prohibition and that reasonable laws are the gateway to unreasonable people wanting to
stop everyone from Hunters - Gun Collectors and law abiding citizens from their right to own
a gun for pleasure or protection.

Maybe one more gun law would not have stopped this shooting from happening but if one more
law might have made a difference...don't we owe to that next child...that next school, the next
set of parents... to let them know we tried.

I know that in the perfect NRA world...every teacher would had a gun that day so no child would
have been injured or died. Every passenger on a plane would have a gun and every girl behind
the cosmetic counter at Macy's would be selling a lipstick while hiding an AK -47 under the counter.

But we as a society made a choice to let the police carry the burden of protecting us...all I am suggesting is that if you choose to protect yourself and your family than we as a society have the "right" to ask you for a set of responsibilities that go along with that.

Maybe another gun that day would have protected one more child...but maybe more onerous background checks, more required training and more limitations on certain guns and armor might have done that as well.

This isn't about your gun control...but my child! I don't know if you can always follow your child around with a gun, but I do know that laws can work 24 hours a day. Let's not choose between them...let them both work for all of us.

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