Friday, December 21, 2012

Is Common Sense a Concealed Weapon?

Congress maybe the only place that "common sense" is considered to be a
concealed weapon!...because we certainly couldn't see any of it on display
this past week!

First we have the Speaker of the House introduce a "Plan B" this was
not a last minute "Birth Control Bill"... but a staged political rescue mission
for his Republican colleagues in case he and President Obama could not come
to an agreement on the Fiscal Cliff! - and than after much fanfare, they don't
even have enough sense to vote on something that made no sense in the second

That is like missing the rescue boat on Gilligan's Island because you have
"Gone Fishing"!

No wonder these guys never got "lucky" in High School...they can't take yes for an answer!

After last year's debt debacle that cost our Country it's AAA rating and that annoying
thing "Election" appeared that both sides were coming to the table
with a clear understanding of the public sentiment - a commitment to show that our
government is not broken...and that Jefferson and Hamilton were not getting high
(it was legal then) when they thought that divided government was a good idea!

Everyone seemed to know that the Republicans would have to raise taxes on the wealthy
and the Democrats would have to cut spending on our core entitlement programs...which
they both have agreed in various forms to do!

Everyone that is, except the House Republicans, who apparently have been so busy cashing
in their stock dividends and capital gains before the end of the year to avoid a 5% proposed
tax increase...they got confused and thought this was a vote to nominate Mitt Romney once

So before Scrooge wins out over Santa and becomes the symbol of this Holiday Season - I propose
a Plan C.

The Speaker will not stand in the way of a proposed Senate Bill on the Fiscal Cliff that is very similar
to the President's current position.

All the House Democrats will vote for it as well as 50 House Republicans to assure passage. All the
conservative House Republicans who are up for re-election in 2012 and are afraid of being "Tea
Partied"  out of office can vote against it and claim they put principle's first.

The Speaker will actually be called a Legitimate Leader and save his party from being as relevant as
a black and white TV before the next election!

Plan D - Move next door to Gerard Depardieu.

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