Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I Just Friended the Pope for Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I just friended the Pope for Christmas and I am excited!
December has always been "the" month for Religion. Millions celebrating
the birth of Christ, the Jew's giving thanks for the faith that has endured
them and all kids becoming true believers in having ten days off from school!
But this December - even more so than in past years...Religion has taken the
Center Pulpit with the Mayan's prediction of the world coming to an end, the Egyptians voting for a Constitution based on Sharia Law and now...the Pope sending out messages on Twitter with all the enthusiasm of a 15 year old boy
playing air guitar.

Next we will find out he is hanging out at the Vatican Starbucks and cruising in
the Pope Mobile for midnight runs to "In and Out" Burger instead of going to
midnight mass.

Before the Pope gets to "high profile", he is asking for suggestions on the best way
to use his new public forum!

The first thing I told him was to be very careful when sending pictures...and no
re-tweeting confessions...no matter how informational he thinks they may be!
I told him I do like the idea of sermons being less than 140 characters, but don't
feel they are cheapened when Jay-Z or 50 cent starts using them as rap lyrics.
And he shouldn't worry whether his audience are creationists or atheists, he is
an "Iconic" figure and everyone will want him to be in their inner circle.

I also warned him to be prepared for the "off the Bible" - why this and why thats! -
why has nothing brought more people together than God...while it seems like nothing
has torn us more apart than Religion.

Why, when the "Crusades" ended with the Dark Ages"...does the "Light" still blind all
the people with hatred who kill in the name of the Lord.

Why can't Arab and Jew's learn to play in the same sandbox...why are Irish Catholics
and English Protestants still trying to bomb each other in Northern Ireland and why do
Sunnis and Shias kill each other every month as if it were it own Religious ritual.
Most of all, I said Pope... don't feel pressure. Yes, People think you're in the "Why Business",
but you don't have to have all the answers, just give them new questions to ponder and a
perspective that is holy unique to you!

Maybe the Pope discovering Twitter will begin a new resurrection. Jesus, Mohammed and
Buddha all coming back on Twitter and having a following that has even a larger congregation
...than either Facebook or YouTube.

If you have any suggestions...please let me know and I will tweet it on to him...before he
starts focusing on Skype and Instagram!
Happy Holidays!

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