Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Can I Return the Fiscal Cliff to Nordstroms?

The days following Christmas is like the day after getting a divorce minute you're in a painful "Return Line" and the next minute
- against your better judgment - you are already out and about
excited to be shopping again!

This week Congress has to comeback to Washington because they
couldn't agree before Christmas on how much to return to us or how much to spend on us over the next 10 years.

If we put Nordstroms in charge of the Fiscal Cliff, their customer service would probably solve this faster than finding the right pair
of shoes for New Year's Eve!

In fact, this give'th and take'th away holiday approach on every issue is why Congress is always in eternal gridlock...because they can't figure out whether they want us to be in the "Return Line" or have us wait to "Pay Here".

On immigration - they argued whether or not we should return 11
million people while wanting them to get in line to pay for a green card.

On taxes - making the rich begin to pay their fare share, only as long as
they still receive enough tax breaks to offset it!

On Energy - one group is lining up to "frack" while the environmentalists
think they're smoking crack.

On Health Care - one hand of government is trying to give it life while
the other side is still trying to make it Dead on Arrival!

And On Guns - Americans are asking what we can prohibit while opponents
want more guns to be the main exhibit.

If this Congress was in charge of Christmas...I don't know if we could get
passed the Thanksgiving Day least without agreeing to cut Hanukah
down to 4 days to trim the budget on presents!

So the good news is that since Congress hasn't really given you anything
this year except agreement's to disagree  - you only have to return the
extra red sweater from your Aunt... who never comes to visit anyway.

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